Melatone was formed by Matt Berry. Matt is the only constant member of Melatone which has played live as a 3-piece, a 4-piece (including a cellist) and currently Matt is performing solo. Live performances by Melatone uses live looping to build up multi-layered tracks which provide a bigger sound than most full bands, using just an acoustic guitar & an array of pedals.  Matt writes all the music and lyrics while performing most of the instruments on his most recent recordings.  Influenced by artists such as Radiohead, Joseph Arthur, John Lennon and Eels the music is indie, ranging from guitar pop to epic soundscapes.

Melatone has released 2 singles “A Sentimental Wish” and “Daydreamers” both of which received radio play. Melatone recently released a new album called “How To Have Your Cake And Eat It”.  CDs of all of Melatone’s releases are available mail order from the website. Melatone is currently performing live in London and surrounding areas with recent shows at 93 Feet East, Colourbox and Upstairs @ The Garage.

Matt was in two bands prior to forming Melatone.  Matt was the guitarist and wrote most of the music in his first band, Hang David.  Hang David enjoyed some success in both the US and UK performing at well known venues such as CBGBs and received radio and TV coverage including their video “Head” which was aired on MTV.

Matt was the singer and guitarist in his next band Duma, also writing the lyrics and music.  Duma opened for Travis at a festival in Germany playing to several thousand people.  Duma received radio play and played gigs in the UK and Europe. Duma also recorded at Air studios with David Arnold, known for his work as a composer for films such as Independence Day, Die Another Day and TV shows such as Little Britain. While in Duma, Matt also played solo gigs in the UK and US, including a return performance at CBGBs.